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    Well, hello!

    Well, hello!

    Welcome to Bungalow!!  We are so excited to have a web presence now.  Opening this shop has been a dream come true and a wild ride.  As any business owner knows, running your own show is a ton of fun but also a ton of work.  Everything takes longer, costs more, involves way too much packing material, and requires loads more energy than one would ever imagine. But, what a joy to be right in the heart of Downtown Durham surrounded by beautiful things and nice people all the time. Honestly, this is great!! 

    I hope you will be able to come to the shop, spend time leisurely taking in all the wonderful finds we have here, and listen to me ramble on about the origin and fabrication of each item. I will also pry into your rituals and habits as far as home decorating, entertaining, and gift giving are concerned! If you are getting married, please talk to me. I never get tired of talking about wedding details!! I don't know why that is true because I never was one to fantasize about fairytale weddings. But, somehow I find them wildly exciting and fascinating. They become a creative expression of the couple and are filled with love and promise!! With the launch of this website I can offer wedding registry and wish lists for any occasion. This is very exciting. I love being able to offer beautiful, unique, timeless heirloom pieces for registries. This is not your grandmother's china, and you should register for beautiful things that express your own style and that your new family will cherish for years to come. I will post many times in the future about the importance of registries and gift giving so stay tuned! I am also very happy to offer the most beautiful wedding invitations through Arzberger Stationers in Charlotte.  They have been making the highest quality engraved invitations since the 1920's.  These days their offerings are as varied as the couples taking the leap into marriage.   

    I'll leave it here for now.  Just wanted to say hello and welcome you to Bungalow. Thanks for being part of my vibe!!